Friday, 7 January 2011

G Dawg Sings & Whistles

Follow the link below and download the mp3 file for a rare recording of G Dawg demonstrating what it really takes to be a top flight whistler. Excuse him the poor recording quality and enjoy.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Couple o Mixes for my Peeps

Here is a link to a mix I made a couple of years ago, summer of 2008:

I'm not sure if the track listing will be preserved or no, so here it is:

Love - Always See Your Face
John Mayall - The Bear
The Byrds - Have You Seen Her Face
Bob Dylan - I Shall Be Released
Stephen Stills - I Shall Be Released
Crosby, Stills & Nash - Almost Cut My Hair
The Band - The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Dillard & Clark - Don't Let Me Down
Gram Parsons - A Song For You
Derek & The Dominos - Why Does Love Got To Be So Bad
Gram Parsons - The New Soft Shoe
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Too Much Time
Fairport Convention - Sloth
Rolling Stones - Wild Horses

And here is a link to a mix I made, oh I don't know, mayhaps 2 or 3 months ago:

David Holmes - The Johnny Otis Show
Lieutenant Pigeon - And The Fun Goes On
Augustus Pablo - Java
Elvis Costello - Alison
Mighty Baby - House Without Windows
Harvey Mandel - Wade in The Water
Camille - Ta Douleur
Frank Zappa - I'm The Slime
Os Mutantes - A Menha A Menina
Dr Alimantado - Johnny Was a Baker
Sun Ra - That's How I Feel
Track 02
The Incredible String Band - The Hedgehog Song
Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band - Too Much Time

From the first to the second collection there is a bit of progession in taste, perhaps, and yet there is an element of stability too. The first mix is dominated by a country rock and blues sound, provided by Gram Parsons, Dillard & Clark, The Stones, The Band, John Mayall, and Stephen Stills, and yet there are elements of psychedelia too (Love, The Byrds, CSN, and Fairport Convention) which will come to dominate the second mix, along with (and here's the progression) a healthy dose of dub, and, for want of better description, otherwise quirky songs. The first turned out to be an earthy and consistent collection of good old time songs, with a touch of some mind-bending jam sessions. With the second, my tastes became, perhaps, broader, and what we ended up with is, I think, a cool mix of upbeat and surprising songs. This mix is also quite consistent with itself, I think, but at the same time I've involved a lot more genres (jazz, dub, rock, pop, psyche, disco, soul, country, world) and each one of the songs seems to have a definite catch, something that will grab your attention. Either way, without out further ado, I hope you enjoy the music.